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Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego Graduation Dates

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This schedule came from the USMC aboard MCRD San Diego. The graduation date is determined by counting back 13 weeks from the time he left home, to go to MCRD. Almost all graduation dates are on Thursday and Friday.

A few happen on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Wednesday and Thursday graduations happen because of holidays.

If you have questions about this schedule please contact the MCRD San Diego Recruit Training Regiment directly. The number is at the end of the schedule.

FY12/13 Recruit Training Schedule
(updated as of 8 November 12)
^ Denotes Wednesday Graduation

Company Platoon Numbers Ship Date Graduation Date
K 3221-3225 13-Aug 9-Nov-12
C 1041-1045 20-Aug 16-Nov-12
F 2129 – 2133 27-Aug 21-Nov-12
L^ 3249-3253 4-Sep 30-Nov-12
B 1029-1033 10-Sep 7-Dec-12
E 2109-2113 17-Sep 14-Dec-12
I 3209-3213 24-Sep 21-Dec-12
OPEN OPEN 1-Oct 28-Dec-12
D 1069-1073 9-Oct 4-Jan-13
H 2169-2173 15-Oct 11-Jan-13
M 3269-3273 22-Oct 18-Jan-13
OPEN OPEN 29-Oct 25-Jan-13
A 1009-1013 5-Nov 1-Feb-13
OPEN Veterans Day 12-Nov 8-Feb-13
OPEN Thanksgiving 19-Nov 15-Feb-13
G 2149-2155 26-Nov 22-Feb-13
OPEN OPEN 3-Dec 1-Mar-13
K 3229-3233 10-Dec 8-Mar-13
C 1049-1053 17-Dec 15-Mar-13
OPEN Christmas 24-Dec 22-Mar-13
OPEN New Years 31-Dec 29-Mar-13
F 2121-2125 7-Jan 5-Apr-13
L 3241-3245 14-Jan 12-Apr-13
B 1021-1025 22-Jan 19-Apr-13
E 2101-2105 28-Jan 26-Apr-13
I 3201-3205 4-Feb 3-May-13
D 1061-1065 11-Feb 10-May-13
OPEN Presidents Day 18-Feb 17-May-13
H 2161-2165 25-Feb 24-May-13
M 3261-3265 4-Mar 31-May-13
A 1001-1005 11-Mar 7-Jun-13
G 2141-2147 18-Mar 14-Jun-13
OPEN OPEN 25-Mar 21-Jun-13
K 3221-3225 1-Apr 28-Jun-13
C^ 1041-1045 8-Apr 3-July-13 ^
F 2129-2133 15-Apr 12-Jul-13
L 3249-3253 22-Apr 19-Jul-13
OPEN Cross Month 29-Apr 26-Jul-13
B 1029-1033 6-May 2-Aug-13
E 2109-2113 13-May 9-Aug-13
I 3209-3213 20-May 16-Aug-13
OPEN Memorial Day 27-May 23-Aug-13
D 1069-1073 3-Jun 30-Aug-13
H 2169-2173 10-Jun 6-Sep-13
M 3269-3273 17-Jun 13-Sep-13
A 1009-1015 24-Jun 20-Sep-13
OPEN Independence Day 1-Jul 27-Sep-13
G 2149-2155 8-Jul 4-Oct-13
K 3229-3233 15-Jul 11-Oct-13
C 1041-1047 22-Jul 18-Oct-13
F 2121-2125 29-Jul 25-Oct-13
L 3241-3245 5-Aug 1-Nov-13
B 1021-1027 12-Aug 8-Nov-13
E 2101-2105 19-Aug 15-Nov-13
I 3201-3205 26-Aug 22-Nov-13
D^ 1061-1065 3-Sep 27-Nov-13 ^
H 2161-2165 9-Sep 6-Dec-13
M 3261-3265 16-Sep 13-Dec-13
A 1001-1007 23-Sep 20-Dec-13

Recruit Training Regiment, MCRD San Diego
Recruit graduation information is available at 619.524.8383

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